Day 15 – 7 More Days Until 2nd Chemo Treatment

9:30 am

Dad and I headed out for lab work that his doctor ordered. He said that he feels better today than he’s felt since he got here (from Florida on October 8th). It has been 15 days since his 1st chemotherapy treatment, and his only complaint today is that he is still unsteady on his feet. He actually said that he would like to go to the bank (by himself), and that he is sure he can drive but he is worried about walking.

We left after getting the lab work done, and Dad asked if we could go to McDonald’s for a muffin. He wanted to go in and eat rather than bringing it home. We ate at McDonald’s, and now I think Dad is ready for a pain pill and a nap. It’s 11:30 am.

4:30 pm

Once again, Dad waited too long to take his morphine pill. He tends to wait until the pain is bad to take it, as I think he believes that eventually he will no longer need them, and for this reason he tries not to take them. At any rate, I gave him a pain pill at 4:30 and he agreed not to wait so long in between. It had been 12 hours since his last pain pill.

9:30 pm

I went to bed, and Dad was still up watching the game with Austin and Eric.



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