Day 13 and My Self-Pity Party is Over


Dad woke up in decent spirits this morning. He came down and made coffee, got the paper, but he is complaining that his hip is bothering him today.

For myself, I am also in better spirits from yesterday, and I will gladly say good-bye to the pity party I started last night.

Today got away from me. My sister and niece came over, so I ran to the grocery store real quick to grab a few things for dinner.

I made beef tips and noodles and Dad ate pretty well.

He took his 2nd nerve pill, and I also learned that he had not taken a morphine pain pill since yesterday morning, so I got one for him to take before bed.

I asked him how his nausea was, and he said he couldn’t tell if it was nausea or pain. I said that I think if he feels any pain at all, then it’s pain, not nausea. I guess unless you are the person actually suffering, understanding what he feels is impossible. All I know is that he has pain, and there is nothing that can be done other than feeding him pain pills.



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