Day 10 – Finally Feeling a Little Better


Dad woke up this morning at about 9:00, and when I asked him how he slept, he said he slept like a baby. He said he did have to take a morphine pill in the middle of the night, but it made me so happy that we were able to get a hold of the doctor yesterday.

Eric (my husband) had planned on making breakfast this morning, and I was hoping that Dad’s appetite would allow him to enjoy it.

Clearly he is feeling a little better today because he ate 2 eggs over medium, a piece of bacon, a piece of sausage, hash browns, 2 pieces of toast with jelly, and a glass of orange juice. And when I say ate, I mean he cleaned his plate.


My sister came over for a bit, and my daughter and I ran a few errands. Dad has been awake most of the day other than a few short naps.

Dad said spaghetti sounded good for dinner, so I went to our local Italian store and bought their pasta sauce and  homemade meatballs. He had pasta, garlic bread and a salad for dinner, and again, his appetite has definitely improved.


It’s just Dad and I home this evening. Brooke (my daughter) is at her boyfriends and Eric and Austin (husband and son), went hunting and will be staying the night at the cabin. Dad is sleeping, and has been for about an hour. My stepmom called to say she made Dad a Texas Sheet Cake, and wanted to drop it off. It’s his favorite cake. They divorced when I was in high school, but she is a very big part of my life to this day, and clearly still cares deeply about our Dad.


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