Chemotherapy and Thanksgiving Don’t Go Together

It’s been a few days since I have posted an update on Dad, and that is likely because there has been no change or improvement. With that said, after a discussion that my sister and I had with Dad last night, I felt the need to post today. It has been 6 days since Dad’s 2nd chemotherapy treatment. Click here to read about Dad’s 1st week of chemo treatment #1.

I realized that Dad hadn’t showered in several days, so I found a way to bring up showering, and he stated that he hadn’t taken a shower in several days because he doesn’t think he can stand that long. Now I’m no doctor, but I have this feeling that his severe lack of energy to the point where he is not even taking showers is not just an effect of chemo.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have not spent a Thanksgiving with my Dad in many years due to his retiring and moving to Florida, so I am very grateful that he can spend this one with us, as it may very likely be his last Thanksgiving. The downside is that he can hardly eat anything at all being that we are still in week #1 of his 2nd chemotherapy treatment. He eats what he absolutely has to eat to keep from getting sick, he takes his pills, and he sleeps.

I asked him yesterday if he had any special requests for the menu, and he said he is fine with anything that I make. I am just praying that his appetite is a little better tomorrow.

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