Day 12 of Chemo and Gabapentin


I had an appointment this morning, so my sister came over to sit with Dad while I was gone. He had already taken a shower, and by the time he got downstairs, he was completely out of breath and exhausted from it. His fear of falling in the shower seems to be getting worse.

He ate a bowl of cereal while I was gone, and then my sister said he fell asleep.

When I got home, my sister and I discussed his home in Florida, and whether we should talk with him about it. We also want to discuss his chemotherapy treatments with him. We want to make sure that his decision to go through chemotherapy knowing that his lung cancer is not curable is for him rather than for us. This will be a difficult conversation to have, but a necessary one.


He received a phone call the his prescription was in. I went and picked up a prescription of Gabapentin. His oncologist called this in due to the conversation we had with her on the phone Friday evening. I gave him a pill at 11:00 am, and he was sleeping within 15 minutes. It is now 12:40pm, and he is still sleeping.


Dad ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had a piece of Texas Sheet Cake. Now he is back in the recliner sleeping. That Gabapentin pill is knocking the daylights out of him.


Dad slept much of the day, but was able to stay awake for most of the evening. He ate dinner (baked pork chops, rice pilaf and corn), and is now watching a game with my husband.

He will have to take another Gabapentin pill, but we decided it would be best if he wait until he is ready for bed considering it made him sleep all day. Hopefully it will allow him to sleep all night.


Just as I was typing the post about the battle I have faced today, Dad came in to tell me he was going to bed, and asked what pill he should take. I told him that he has to take another Gabapentin, so we headed toward the dining room where his pills are. We just about reached the dining room table when he nearly fell over. I had him sit down at the table for a minute and he took his pill, and then I asked my son (Austin) to follow him up the stairs so he could go to bed.