18 Days and a Port In His Arm

I did not post yesterday, so I will summarize. I decided to go away for a night with my husband to our cabin a couple of hours away. My kids stayed home with Dad, and I took a little time for myself, but not without guilt.

Dad is quickly losing his hair, and it is safe to say that he has lost about 50% at this point, but coming out in large amounts every day. He is still saying that he is feeling a bit better than he did before chemo, but I wonder if it has much to do with chemo and more to do with pain medication.

Today, November 12, 2018

8:00 am

We had an appointment this morning at 8:30 to have Dad’s chemotherapy power port put in his arm. This allows easy access to his vein for chemotherapy as well as blood work. Everything went well, although the Doctor came to get me while they were finishing up with Dad to tell me that “your Dad is built a little different”. He explained that the artery where they install the port is usually on the right side, but Dad’s is on the left. He said there is no need for concern, but it is important to know in the event that Dad ever needs something performed at another hospital where they may not be aware. He said that it would cause confusion because it is not common.

10:30 am

I brought Dad home, but this time I made him wait inside the hospital while I went to get the car. It is cold outside, and he was feeling tired and a bit weak, although he would not tell me. He wanted a cup of coffee and was going to read the newspaper. He may have read a page or two, and is now napping.

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