Emergency Room Visit – Dad Can Hardly Walk

Today we took Dad to the emergency room. Over the past week or so, his inability to walk up the stairs has gotten worse, and he has lost some feeling in his hands. He described it as tingly, but we knew this was a common side effect of chemotherapy. The walking on the other hand is an issue. I only have one bathroom, and it is upstairs.

They did a chest x-ray as well as an EKG at the ER, and there are no additional problems other than Dad being dehydrated. The doctor said that his problem with walking will likely not get any better.

The doctor recommended that we call Hospice and get them on board sooner rather than later in order to have some things in place for Dad as he is afraid to shower due to his inability to stand that long. He was sent home with a walker which will help him get around on one floor, but it doesn’t help with the stairs situation.

The doctor also recommended that Dad follow up with his oncologist to discuss future chemo treatments and whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

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