Dad Is Home – Hospice Followed Him

Today, we brought Dad back home from his 1 week hospital stay proceeded by his 2 week therapy stay. A lot happens in a matter of 3 weeks when you are suffering from an advanced stage of cancer.

When Dad went to the ER 3 weeks ago, he was using a walker, going to the bathroom, talking (coherently), and doing nearly everything that someone does when they are well, although he needed a little help getting up from a sitting position, and could no longer use the stairs.

Today, exactly 9 weeks and 3 days since his diagnosis, he is no longer the person he wants to be.

He has become incontinent, extremely confused, and sometimes I think it is just his shell, but I know that he is in there somewhere.

Hospice will come to the house tomorrow to evaluate Dad, and determine what kind of help Dad needs, as well as our family.

I am anxious to speak with them, and I pray that they can provide us with information that will help us get through the hell of the end stage of cancer, as I am very confident that we are very nearly there, if we have not reached that point already.


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