16th Day Since 1st Chemo Treatment

10:00 am

Dad got up at 10:00 today. He said that he stayed up until midnight watching the Steelers game.

The rest of today is somewhat of a jumble. Austin drove Dad’s car, and Dad rode along to go to the post office. They came home, and I asked Austin if he would run up and get bread. Dad said he would ride along. They came back, and as it turns out, they went to the grocery store. Austin asked Dad if he wanted to wait in the car, but Dad said he wanted to go in with him. This may have been a little much, but he needed to get out a little.

I took a nap in my room, as I was feeling a little down today. My sister and my niece arrived while I was in the shower, and Brooke and I went to the grocery store.

4:30 pm

Dad told my sister he was having pain, so she went up and got him a pain pill. Again, it had been 12 hours since he took one. I guess it is his decision, but I hate to see him in pain when there is pain medication that makes him feel better.

7:00 pm

I made chicken wraps for dinner, and Dad stayed up for a little while.

8:00 pm

Dad sat down to watch T.V., and fell asleep in the recliner.

8:30 pm

The evening is coming to an end for me as well. Hopefully Dad will feel pretty decent again tomorrow.


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